Fantastic Sams Franchise Owners Enjoy a Variety of Previous Experience

Our hair salon franchise is a great fit for entrepreneurs of all kinds

Visit with five different Fantastic Sams owners, and chances are you’ll find five individuals with different backgrounds, experiences and ages. That’s because our hair salon franchise is the kind of business that is well suited to a variety of individuals.

“The diversity of our owners really underscores how versatile our franchise system is,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO of Fantastic Sams. “We’ve put together a great management team around an iconic brand to create systems that work for our franchisees. And the results speak for themselves. Just ask our owners.”

For more than 40 years, Fantastic Sams has been the pioneer of the no-appointment family hair salon. A convenient, full-service salon, Fantastic Sams provides an array of services for the whole family at the affordable prices customers want. We’ve tapped into a unique segment of the $75 billion beauty industry, and our hair salon franchise owners come from backgrounds in business, the military, education and beyond to pursue their individual American dreams.

Empire builders are joining Fantastic Sams. In the world of franchising, there are two types of owners: the single-unit owner/operator and the multi-unit area developer who plans on owning five, ten or even more locations. Because our business model works well for salons in which the owner hires a manager, individuals seeking multi-unit opportunities in a growth industry are turning to Fantastic Sams.

Families looking for growth potential enjoy owning Fantastic Sams. Business ownership is one of the hallmarks of the American Dream for thousands of families. These owners envision growing a business and bringing family members on board to work the business and help run it. Fantastic Sams is a great fit for these families, because as the family grows in size and experience, so too can their hair salon operation. Many family business owners start with a single salon and grow into multiple locations as their family members become more involved.

Stylists seeking career advancement turn to Fantastic Sams. Throughout our network of hair salon franchises, we have dozens of individuals who started out as a stylist, grew into management and, eventually, transitioned into ownership. For some stylists, the decision to own a salon is a natural evolution, and Fantastic Sams is a unique model that doesn’t rely on chair rentals to pay the bills, making our hair salon franchise an attractive choice for stylists looking to move up.

Veterans make great hair salon franchise owners. They’ve invested considerable time developing leadership skills, understand the importance of following procedures and have a dedication to personal growth. That’s why Fantastic Sams is a great fit for vets looking for their next careers.

Learn more about the Fantastic Sams franchise opportunity

Are you one of these kinds of owners? Maybe you’re a different kind of business owner all together. Whether you fit this mold or one of the dozens of others, Fantastic Sams wants to hear from you. Best of all, wealth is not a prerequisite for owning a salon franchise. You can join the Fantastic Sams franchise family for an initial investment beginning at just over $145,000.

For in-depth details about the Fantastic Sams franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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