What Are Our Target Growth Markets?

Many markets are still available across the United States

Fantastic Sams is a versatile salon franchise that has the impressive ability to work in large and small markets. High-frequency shopping centers in densely populated, middle-income residential areas are our “sweet spot” — that ideal place that gives a franchisee the best opportunity to thrive. We have successful franchisees in markets as large as Los Angeles and Boston and as small as Adrian, Michigan, and Weaverville, North Carolina (population 3,800). Our simple, scalable business model works anywhere that people embrace affordable hair care in a full-service salon atmosphere.


We have the advantage of a recognizable brand name with a 40-year history, but with nearly 1,100 units across the country, we still have plenty of room to grow. Our New Image Salon is drawing the attention of industry experts and new customers alike, making now one of the most exciting moments ever for our iconic brand.

We are especially excited about opportunities to grow in the states of Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Northern California, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. Beyond these states, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of untapped territories — communities where a full-service, affordable salon franchise would be more than welcome.

Franchise owners can build a solid customer base because there always is a need for what we provide. In addition to our three core services of haircuts, color and facial waxing, we also provide high-quality, frequent education to our stylists to keep them abreast of the latest trends. Our support system and training for franchisees are designed to help them provide trend-right services in their communities, which makes customers happy and gives owners greater opportunities for success.

How Fantastic Sams shines

There are a lot of cut-only salons in the market. Some of them cater to kids, while others cater to men. Fantastic Sams has an edge because we offer affordable services for the whole family, and we also offer a much broader range of services than a mere “chop shop.” We pamper our customers with beverages and scalp massages, offering them fashionable haircuts and styles, processes like perms, straightening and color, as well as facial waxing.

Our salons are stocked with our exclusive line of Fantastic hair products, which we offer for sale to customers who want to keep their styles looking sharp until their next visit. That business model provides a win-win — clients leave looking and feeling great about themselves and about the price they paid, and franchisees get an opportunity to boost their bottom lines through multiple streams of revenue.


Fantastic Sams has single- and multi-unit development opportunities available in numerous areas, and many of our owners start with one salon and grow their territories quickly with more salons. Our experts will help guide you through the site-selection process once you’ve chosen your ideal territory.

Because people always need haircuts, Fantastic Sams salons are remarkably stable long-term investments, with the potential for high earnings during all economic climates, including those that are less-than-desirable for other franchise concepts.

“I think it’s recession-resistant,” says franchisee Jerry Dalzell, who currently owns nine salons in the Las Vegas area. “Everybody needs haircuts. We offer family hair care at a mid-range price point. We are not going after the high-income folks, but I have stylists I’d put up against anybody — stylists who are very skilled and talented, as well as some who are young and whom we are developing. We offer a great value at a reasonable price. When you can get an adult haircut and shampoo for $14.95, that’s a pretty good thing in this market.”

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