What is a Fantastic Sams Salon Franchise?

Our full-service salon franchise offers affordability and convenience for the whole family

Fantastic Sams is synonymous with professional, on-trend, affordable service at over 1,100 locations across the country. We were the first salon franchise that focused on providing beauty services for the whole family, and we’ve been growing strong since 1976. Now, our updated New Image design has infused fresh energy into our iconic brand, helping entrepreneurs across the country introduce a new generation of loyal clients to our salons.

Beauty salon franchise offers services for the whole family

Other haircutting franchises rely heavily on the cut-only model, and many are marketed mostly to kids or men. What’s unique about Fantastic Sams is that we cater to everyone. Young professionals looking for an affordable way to maintain a stylish appearance, a gaggle of teenagers who need great updos for prom, and whole families who may have to get four or five heads of hair cut every six weeks or so — they all turn to Fantastic Sams to maximize their salon experience.

Women spend far more on hair care and salon services than do men and children. Our average ticket is about twice that of the average of haircutting-only chains, meaning we can do the same sales volume with half the number of customers. Fantastic Sams CEO Linda Chadwick explains.

“We offer a full range of salon services, including haircuts and trend-right styles, color and waxing,” Linda says. “We believe it’s a safer, higher-ticket, higher-margin and more stable model than the cut-only models.”

The salon industry is generally divided over three segments: premium, upscale (meaning high quality but still accessible) and affordable. Fantastic Sams offers customers affordable services, which is where the bulk of the customers are, in a hip, ultra-modern salon environment designed to increase average ticket prices and drive customer traffic.

We’re an affordable franchise opportunity

The financial wherewithal needed to open a Fantastic Sams Hair Salon is accessible to a lot of investors. We look for franchisees with a minimum net worth of $300,000 and at least $70,000 in liquid capital. The rest can be financed.

Unlike a lot of franchise systems, where royalties are based on a percentage of gross sales, every Fantastic Sams location pays a flat fee per week. With flat-fee royalties, your royalties do not go up as your sales increase. This means your profit margins are higher as your sales grow, because you aren’t paying royalties on an incremental, percent-of-gross basis.

Our ideal franchisees are practical businesspeople who want a “4-S business” — something that’s safe, stable, secure and scalable. They are community-oriented and want to help customers look and feel fantastic.

Just ask Richard Upson, who has five Fantastic Sams salons in the San Antonio, Texas, area.

“We are doing what the guests want, when they want it, the way they want it,” Richard says. “We treat them with respect, and we’re taking care of them in every way we can. The second thing we are doing is providing some really good jobs for some really great folks who work for us.”

It’s helpful to have business experience, but salon experience is not required. Our franchise owners take care of the big picture, hiring the right people to make sure customers get the services they want. It’s not a hands-off model; rather, it’s a business where you will manage the manager, handle the marketing and make sure your community knows who Fantastic Sams is.

Best salon franchises: why hair-care franchises are stable

The beauty industry is a $75-billion-a-year business. The services Fantastic Sams provides cannot be replaced by technology, streamed through the Internet or outsourced to another country.

“Our salons are all very stable,” says Marilyn Tokatly, a franchisee with six salons in California. “We have excellent staff that pretty much runs the show. Fantastic Sams has excellent training. I took all my managers through the management certification program, so they know everything they need to do to run a successful Fantastic Sams, and they do it. I still do a lot of work, but they handle the daily operations.”

Fantastic Sams, of course, is the granddaddy of salon franchises. In a stable industry, we’ve proven our staying power in the past four decades. Now, with our New Image Salon, we’ve evolved far beyond the familiar brand you might remember from your youth. Today, we are a franchise nearly 1,100 locations strong. With CEO Linda Chadwick’s extensive history in franchising, we anticipate doubling our locations within the next few years, making right now the most exciting time in our brand’s history for the right investor.

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