What Training and Support Does Fantastic Sams Offer?

Franchisees get business coaches, help with operations and more

Fantastic Sams: one of the top hair salon franchises

Fantastic Sams offers our franchisees extraordinary field support. Many members of our support team have 20-plus years as successful managers and owners themselves, so they understand what it means to learn a business from the ground up.

We provide education to our stylists three times a year to make sure they stay on the forefront of the latest in hair care. Fantastic Sams is a state-of-the art salon offering a full array of services and products, and we provide our franchisees with as much guidance and support as possible to help them make the most of franchise ownership. The safety net of support we provide franchisees made a difference to Michael Kuryllo, who owns six salons in Southern California.

“I looked at Supercuts, Subway and coin-operated laundromats. I didn’t think Supercuts and Subway were user-friendly for new franchisees; Fantastic Sams was much easier to work with,” Michael says. “As we looked into it, we liked the education program they had, and it seemed like they had more support for new owners. I chose Fantastic Sams because they had the best training for owners.”

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How we work for our hair salon franchisees

One of the things Linda Chadwick has done since joining Fantastic Sams as CEO is take stock of everyone’s strengths. No one person can be the best at everything, she notes, so it’s better to play to people’s strengths. Linda comes from an executive-level background in quick-service franchises, so she has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in franchising.

And franchisees can count on one thing: Linda and her team always call back. While some franchise companies frustrate their owners by being very hard to get in touch with, Linda prides herself on a quick response.

Across the country, franchisees can count on access to their own regional franchise experts. Every region has its own regional director, operations person and educator for the stylists. When a salon opens, the educator helps interview stylists to make sure their technical skills are up to par. Once the staff members are in place, they attend a training boot camp of sorts, led by the educator, where they learn everything from how to greet customers at the door to the ins and outs of the Fantastic Hair product line.

The operations team trains franchisees on salon fundamentals like scheduling. Franchisees also join a quarterly conference call for every owner in the company, called Ramp Up 4 Success, about upcoming events like promotions and conferences.

There are monthly meetings for franchise owners and their managers. Within their regions, many meetings are held in the evenings so the manager can work in the salon during peak times. The educator also holds monthly meetings and periodic classes on color, cutting techniques and more. The leadership of Fantastic Sams is committed to serving franchisees.

Franchisors and franchisees sometimes have contentious relationships. At Fantastic Sams, we believe we’re here to serve you. If your business is a success, then so is ours.

“I love franchising. I think you have to appreciate that the franchisee is a unique individual,” says Linda. “They’re entrepreneurs, and that’s what America’s built on. It’s really their business, and you have to have the mentality of a servant leader. You have to if you’re going to be in franchising. You have to be willing to help.”

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