Why 3 (or More) Hair Salon Franchises are Better Than 1

Fantastic Sams helps you scale your hair salon franchises right from the start

Fantastic Sams provides financial incentives for multi-unit ownership.

Fantastic Sams provides financial incentives for multi-unit ownership.

LaRonda Hunter was an accountant who understood how much more revenue she could generate with more than one Fantastic Sams hair salon franchise. Jerry Dalzell figured out how to run several salons with the help of his son and a solid management team. And John Prichard knew from the start he wanted to grow his own mini-empire of salons.

“I set out to open 15 to 25 salons over 10 years. It took us nine years to hit 25, and we have 27,” says John, who owns the salons with his wife, Patti, in the Minneapolis area. They own more Fantastic Sams salons than any other franchisee in our system.

Fantastic Sams has made those dreams of multi-unit ownership very affordable. Most of our franchise owners have a business background, and they find it incredibly rewarding to purchase more than one salon. In fact, 70% of our salons are owned by multi-unit franchisees. So, how do they manage it all?

“I hired a general manager and spent weekends with the GM and with managers in the salons. The GM was able to take me to a certain point, but we didn’t get to the next level until my son, Aaron came on as general manager, because he has a vested interest,” says Jerry, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, but owns stores in Las Vegas.

For LaRonda, it’s a matter of having the right team in place. Managers at each of her four salons help oversee her 43 employees, and their hard work has helped propel one of her salons into Fantastic Sams’ Top 50. “In my opinion that’s the key to having a successful multi-unit operation. I manage the managers, and I manage the business, but not the employees,” she says.

John and Patti Prichard own 27 Fantastic Sams hair salon franchises in the Minneapolis area.

John and Patti Prichard own 27 Fantastic Sams hair salon franchises in the Minneapolis area.

Salon franchises are one of the easier businesses to scale for someone with a business background. You won’t need any salon experience yourself because you can look to our regional educators, as well as your own salon managers, for that segment of the business. They’ll help you find and train the right salon staff. It’s not like trying to hire a few dozen teenagers for a food business and trying to manage that constantly shifting labor force. You can hire one manager for multiple locations, making it easier to unify your operations.

“I knew nothing about the hair salon business whatsoever,” says LaRonda. “That’s actually why I decided to buy a franchise versus trying to open my own business. I knew I’d need help in learning the ropes. I wanted access to people who could teach me. Fantastic Sams has certainly done that for me.”

We make it easier for visionary entrepreneurs to start their franchise journey by offering financial incentives for a three-pack or five-pack deal. In addition, unlike most of our competitors, our royalty fees are flat, rather than percentage-based — so you keep more of your profits as you grow. Those tools can pave the way for even bigger dreams.

Certainly, we welcome single-unit investors. Some first-time franchise buyers will feel more comfortable starting with one salon (as many of our multi-unit owners did) and getting the feel of running their own businesses before they dive into multi-unit ownership. But many of our franchise owners know from the start that Fantastic Sams’ scalability is one of our most attractive brand features.

Learn more about Fantastic Sams

Fantastic Sams is the oldest full-service unisex salon franchise in the nation, and we have grown to more than 1,100 units over the past 40 years. We offer affordable salon services, including cuts, styling, color and facial waxing with walk-in convenience.

We’re seeking franchise candidates with a minimum liquidity of $60,000 and a net worth of at least $200,000. You can open your own Fantastic Sams salon for about $185,000. To start a conversation about this franchise opportunity, please fill out the form at right or call us at 855-371-3465. We look forward to hearing from you!

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