3 Things to Know About the Newly Redesigned Fantastic Sams Salon

From an open floor plan to representing core products and services, the new Fantastic Sams ensures an immersive customer experience

As a legacy brand with more than 40 years of success in the highly competitive value salon marketplace, Fantastic Sams knows a thing or two about longevity. As every Fantastic Sams salon franchise owner can attest, a big reason for that staying power is a willingness to rebrand, reimagine and reinvent.

“We can’t be afraid to look at every aspect of our business, from conditioner scents to the color scheme for our walls and furniture,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “At the same time, we don’t invest in change for change’s sake. Our ongoing goal is to make sure that our customers feel comfortable, but never think that we’re stale or boring.”

That was the thinking behind a major overhaul of the logo that adorns every Fantastic Sams salon franchise. The new logo, by mentioning both cuts and color, showcases the full-service aspect of every salon. The same everything-on-the-table approach also went into a ground-up salon redesign that is being rolled out across the country. Here are some highlights:


The color bar is front and center in a newly redesigned Fantastic Sams salon franchise floor plan.

1. Open floor plan

New Fantastic Sams salon franchise locations feature a floor plan that brings the customer directly into the salon itself. Rather than sitting in a waiting area and then going to a stylist’s station, he or she now will walk through all areas and be more immersed in the experience.

“We don’t want people to feel like they are a number, but that they are a part of what’s going on all around them,” Linda explains. “Now when they come in, they are right in the middle of everything from start to finish. It’s a fun way to meet other stylists and talk with other customers.”

2. Color bar front and center

In the past, every Fantastic Sams salon franchise had its coloring station tucked into the back. Now stylists will mix and apply color from the salon’s center, so that customers who are just getting a cut can see all that goes into that inventive process.

“We have award-winning stylists, and they excel at color,” Linda says. “We also want people to be aware that we are a full-service salon. Watching someone have color mixed and applied is a fascinating experience, and we think by showcasing it we’ll see a lot more color business, which is great for the stylists and the franchise owner.”


3. Newly branded products

As a part of the open floor plan, Fantastic Sams own line of branded products will be more visible, which should increase sales and also boost stylists’ ticket totals and the franchise’s bottom line.

“People who know our products love our products,” Linda says. “We wanted to do more than just have them on a shelf in the waiting area. Now, by having them throughout the salon, clients can browse them and the stylists can make recommendations more easily.”

From start to finish, the newly redesigned Fantastic Sams salon franchise is geared toward customer service, while also focusing on the stylists’ and owners’ business goals.

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