3 Ways Fantastic Sams Is a Great Fit for Your Portfolio

Our hair salon franchise is the perfect addition to your business empire

Savvy investors already know that franchises are a superb investment. Franchises combine consistent, scalable revenue models with the rewarding experience of running businesses that serve local communities. This makes for a unique, profitable, purpose-driven investment opportunity.

Wise investors also know that the best investment portfolios are healthily diversified. It’s natural, then, that an investor will look to expand their portfolio of franchise brands as they advance in their entrepreneurial career. Of course, the question that always arises is “What brand should I invest in next?” This isn’t a decision to take lightly — after all, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars of hard-earned capital at stake. Choosing the right brand can mean the difference between further prosperity and financial disappointment.

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At Fantastic Sams, we believe that investing in our hair salon franchise network is the logical next step for an investor looking to expand his or her portfolio of brands. Since 1976, Fantastic Sams has been a leader in the value salon space, with nearly 1,100 franchise locations in communities across the United States. Unlike discount haircut and budget salons, Fantastic Sams offers a full range of salon services, including haircuts, color services and waxing, which helps generate higher ticket totals and profit margins.

With initial investments beginning at just $150,362, Fantastic Sams is a remarkably affordable way to enter the $75 billion, recession-proof hair care industry. Have a look at some of the ways Fantastic Sams is the perfect brand to add to your portfolio:

Our financing partnership with The Bancorp Bank reduces the time between decision and opening

Seasoned multi-brand franchise owners know that financing a new business endeavor can be a hassle. Even if the investor has plenty of capital on hand, closing the deal can often take months, wasting valuable time that could be spent on more valuable activities like business management and growth.

With Fantastic Sams, you don’t have to worry about financing headaches. Our strategic partnership with The Bancorp Bank allows for a streamlined, quick and easier lending process. [ET1] This eliminates weeks or months of complex paperwork and asset exploration, while working with a bank who understands our brand and your lending needs. Typical loan approval can take as little as 5 business days. This translates to less time filing paperwork and more time generating revenue to invest back into your business and further pursue franchise investment opportunities.

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The Bancorp Bank offers 85/15 financing for the first hair salon franchise unit, and additional unit financing is fixed at a 90/10 ratio. This means that investing in multiple units can be an even better decision, with the ability to open a second, third, or even tenth unit for a fraction of the cost of a first unit. Combine this with our low startup costs, and investing in a Fantastic Sams salon is a logical portfolio expansion move.

Purchase of existing units allows for rapid expansion and quick positive cash-flow

While opening new Fantastic Sams locations is a key part of our growth strategy, we’re also interested in helping investors purchase salons that legacy owners desire to sell. This is a sound investment move for a variety of reasons.

First, purchasing existing units allows for more rapid expansion and larger potential return on investment as the new owner’s salon empire scales to fill the market. Additionally, new Fantastic Sams franchisees can leverage the sales and equity of these existing units to minimize initial capital expenses. Finally, existing units also come with built-in customer bases who make a great foundation for growth.

“Purchasing existing units is a smart path for entering the hair salon franchise business,” says Jay Capperella, National Sales Director for Fantastic Sams. “It lets you leverage existing business structures to achieve cash flow quickly. At the same time, it also provides a solid basis for future growth and purchase of additional franchise units. We work closely with our franchisees to decide whether purchasing existing units is the right financial move.”

Hair care is a recession-proof growth industry

The economy may fluctuate, but people will always need haircuts. In times of economic downturn, it’s natural for people to cut certain luxuries from their lives. One thing they don’t skimp on, however, is the affordable luxury of a trip to the salon. Fantastic Sams is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this phenomenon because we are the premier full-service value salon.

While other budget haircut franchises target mainly men or kids, we offer an affordable luxury experience that is perfect for the whole family. Whether it’s an older woman who wants to look younger, a young woman who wants to look more sophisticated, or a family of five who needs a sharp cut and style for everyone, Fantastic Sams provides the services of a luxury salon at prices the average person can afford.

At the same time, we keep sales high with our up-sell-based business model. Our New Image Salons are designed to prominently feature our Color Bar and styling products, giving plenty of chances to offer the customer additional value. This translates into consistent, solid sales, with 86.3% repeat customers.

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Investing in the full-service, no-appointment Fantastic Sams franchise opportunity is a remarkably affordable way to enter the $75 billion hair care industry and expand your franchise portfolio. With an initial investment beginning at just $150,362, and with 3-, 5-, and 10-pack agreements available, you can join hundreds of owners in this potentially lucrative growth industry.

For in-depth details about the Fantastic Sams franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages

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