5 Reasons Why Fantastic Sams Franchise Owners Would Buy Again

Fantastic Sams franchise owners love our easy-to-scale business model

Fantastic Sams franchise hair styling

The Fantastic Sams franchise is a versatile salon franchise that has the impressive capacity to work in large and small markets.

Fantastic Sams was the first nationally franchised hair salon, and we have grown to more than 1,100 locations over the past 40 years. Unlike discount haircut franchises, we offer a full range of salon services — including haircuts and trend-right styles, plus color and waxing — which helps generate higher tickets and margins.

Many Fantastic Sams franchise owners are highly satisfied with their choice to become entrepreneurs in the hair salon franchise industry. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Here, in the words of five owners, are five reasons why Fantastic Sams franchise owners say they’d buy again.

1. You don’t have to know the salon industry or be a stylist

A common question that pops up among potential franchisees is, “Do you need to be a stylist to be a franchisee?” The answer is an emphatic no. Franchisees hire licensed cosmetologists as managers, but many franchisees hire unlicensed managers to oversee more than one salon. This is a “managing the manager” business. A general manager will handle day-to-day management of the stylist staff, but the franchisee works closely with the Fantastic Sams educators who train new stylists and keep them up to date on the latest cutting and coloring techniques and styles.

“I particularly liked that you didn’t have to have any knowledge of hair care. You didn’t have to be a stylist or a barber,” says Bob Cornell, a multi-unit franchise owner in Albany, New York. “We opened our first store in 1987, the second in 1989 and the third in 1996. All three stores are top producers nationwide.”

2. We’re a great second act

Fantastic Sams boy haircut

Other haircutting franchises rely heavily on the cut-only model; many are marketed mostly to kids or men. What’s unique about Fantastic Sams is that we cater to everyone — from young professionals to teenagers to families and retirees.

Many of our franchisees have taken the money they have saved over the course of their past or present careers and have capitalized on our working business model. For many, it’s become a rather nice second career.

Rick Tonet’s daughter, Sarah Boley, convinced him to invest in a Fantastic Sams franchise in Pittsburgh, and he’s very glad she did. He now owns four stores, and their success has allowed him to retire from his previous career.

“I am 60, and I retired from Allegheny Ludlum at 58,” Rick explains. “The reason I was able to do that is because of the income from Fantastic Sams.”

3. We’re fun

Fantastic Sams is a “feel good” business. Franchisees get the satisfaction of knowing they’re helping people look their best, and when people look their best, they feel more confident. It’s a great way to make a contribution to someone’s life, and that’s not only a lot of fun, it’s downright meaningful.

“I enjoy being in the salons and meeting and getting to know the stylists, too,” says Laurie Upson, who owns five Fantastic Sams franchise salons in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, Richard. “I enjoy the people aspect of the job, and you just can’t beat the flexible hours and being able to work from a home base.”

4. We’re low-tech

Unlike many businesses, a Fantastic Sams franchise salon is not heavily dependent on technology. You don’t have to have a college degree in rocket science to figure out how to best operate our stores — it’s the human touch that drives our sales and keeps our customers coming back. Glen Adams, a franchisee in Louisville, Kentucky, sees this as a big plus for current and would-be Fantastic Sams franchises.

“Haircuts are pretty low-tech, so you don’t get put out on the street every time new technology comes out,” says Glen. “Until there’s technology that allows customers to stick their head in a device, push a button and receive a haircut, color or perm, hair salons will always be needed.”

5. We’re easy to scale

Multi-unit franchising is viewed by many as the true path to riches for business owners.

Each additional location increases the franchisee’s opportunity to increase revenue. Another significant benefit to multi-unit franchising is what economists call “efficiency of scale.” Operations becomes less expensive  — from marketing and advertising costs to ordering supplies.

Michael Kuryllo owns six Fantastic Sams franchise locations in Southern California and is committed to growing several more. Here’s what he has to say about being a multi-unit Fantastic Sams franchise owner.

“My favorite part is building them, getting them open and getting them to profitability. Beyond that, I enjoy talking to satisfied guests. They enjoy the fact that they get to meet the owner. Unfortunately, I can’t take too much credit for how great these people look — it’s my stylists who are doing a great job making people look fantastic.”

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