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You don’t have to be a stylist to successfully run a salon franchise

Our proven business model and strong support systems make our salon franchise an ideal investment for entrepreneurs

Jay Oboma of Cromwell, CT, has a background in health insurance. Rick Tonet was a steel company executive in Pittsburgh. LaRonda Hunter of Fort Worth, TX, is a former American Airlines accountant. Today, all three of them own at least one Fantastic Sams salon franchise, even though none of them had any salon or hairstyling experience.

While many of our owners are former stylists or had worked in salons previously, our business model and franchisee support systems mean you don’t need to have any related experience to successfully run a hair salon franchise with Fantastic Sams.

Oboma, who opened the first Fantastic Sams franchise in Connecticut, relies on his managerial experience to run his business, hiring qualified, experienced stylists and managers to finesse the details.

A bank of hairstyling stations is shown on the left, with hair-washing stations on the right in the background and a reception desk in an L-shaped corner featuring shelves of products. The Fantastic Sams logo is in the middle of the desk.
Fantastic Sams is looking for experienced entrepreneurs to purchase a salon franchise, but you don’t need to have salon experience.

“I want to lead by example and let my stylists and salon managers do what they do best. I’m not a cosmetologist,” he says. “I empower them, and if they have a suggestion I am all ears. If it’s workable, I help them achieve it. I want to coach and lead, not just tell them what to do and what numbers I want them to hit.”

“They have great abilities, and I learn every day who’s got special talents that can be nurtured. I trust them, and if something doesn’t work out I help correct it. Things can always be fixed.”

Opportunities to grow

Tonet’s “Aha!” moment came when his daughter, who was a stylist for Fantastic Sams at the time, told her father about the two salons her boss owned. “She came home one day and said, ‘Dad, you should buy these. They are doing very well, and I’d like to run them for you.’”

Today, Tonet owns three salons in the Pittsburgh area. His daughter is General Manager, and Tonet turns to our corporate offices to help him find the perfect stylists for his businesses. Our corporate office also provides ongoing training on everything from operations basics and scheduling to the latest trends in color and cuts. The former steel company manager sees a bright future ahead.

“We have 32 stylists, and we are closed on Sundays and have a set schedule, which is something most salons don’t do. I have found that stylists really, really like that,” says Tonet. “The Fantastic Sams website helps a lot with hiring. Online applications are forwarded to the franchisee in the specific area where people apply.”

A Fantastic Sams stylist puts the finishing touches on a young man’s haircut.
With training, proven systems and even corporate assistance with your hiring process, you won’t need any experience in the salon industry to open your own Fantastic Sams.

A great investment

In the booming $75 billion beauty industry, Fantastic Sams stands out from other salon franchise investments. Our full menu of services includes haircuts, on-trend styles, color and facial waxing. Our clientele includes men, women and children. And although our salons have a modern, updated aesthetic, Fantastic Sams is in the affordable category of salon services, where most customers fall.

By competing with premium and upscale salons on services while catering to everyone rather than a specific demographic, we offer our franchisees a business model that’s more stable and generates higher-ticket, higher-margin sales.

Fantastic Sams has flat-fee royalties, where franchisees pay a flat weekly fee per location rather than a percentage of gross sales. Our initial investment is affordable, making it easier for entrepreneurs to scale. And we offer a lot of ongoing training and support to help you run every aspect of the business.

Oboma liked the business opportunity for all of those reasons.

“If you get a manager who knows how to run a salon and stylists who are good at building a book of business,” he says, “then you just have to get out of the way. Underneath the services there is a basic business model, and if you can follow that and hire well, then you’ll be just fine.”

To learn more

Fantastic Sams has been providing an array of salon services for the whole family for more than 40 years. To find out more about our salon franchise opportunity and talk to one of our franchise development representatives, please fill out the short, no-obligation form on this page.