Fantastic Sams Branded Products Allow for Effortless Upselling

Customer loyalty increases when salons provide multiple services alongside high-quality products. Fantastic Sams excels at both.

“Would you like to take some home?” This prepared response has not only put Fantastic Sams at the top of the value salon industry, but has also secured strong customer loyalty for many salon franchise stylists. Customers love the high-quality, “fresh from the salon” feel the Fantastic Sams branded products give them, and they typically come back for more.

Fantastic Sams has long offered its own branded product line, along with trusted national brands such as TIGI, in every salon franchise. “The variety of products, as well as the convenience of having them at hand, is great business for every Fantastic Sams salon franchise,” says Susan Peace, Senior Director of Retail Beauty Products.


A newly redesigned Fantastic Sams salon franchise showcases the full line of branded products.

Products create additional revenue

“People love our products, and they have for decades,” Susan says. “This helps the salon in two ways: One, they can raise the ticket price by selling shampoo and conditioner to one customer, and maybe styling gel to another. Two, the customers often come in between cuts and colors to pick up more product. It’s a standalone source of revenue.”

Many can attest to the disappointment of having a favorite haircare product go missing from drugstore shelves to make room for a new brand. Fantastic Sams’ customers can trust that their stylist has their favorite product now and in the future. This greatly reinforces customer loyalty for the salon.

Reformulated blends keep the brand fresh

Fantastic Sams diligently rolls out new and updated products, ensuring the highest quality for their loyal customers. Product line debuts and new, stylish packaging create buzz about the brand and provide a new experience for consumers.

“This keeps our trusted products fresh for our customers,” Susan says. “Even people who have loved a shampoo for 10 years don’t mind an upgrade every now and then. A new look gives them the sense of trying something a little different. When we add a new product within our brand, or a new item from TIGI, our stylists have something else they can recommend to clients.”


Offering a full line of hair care and grooming products helps Fantastic Sams salon franchisees build client loyalty.

The Fantastic Sams salon franchise is not just a provider of great cuts and colors, but also a full-scale haircare center. “That kind of wraparound expertise isn’t found anywhere else in the value salon space, and it really does set Fantastic Sams apart,” Susan says.

“People love our products, when we change them, they get a little nervous because typically you don’t like to give up something that works for you,” she says. “But they soon realize their favorite has only gotten better. They trust us to take care of them in the salon, and their hair once they’ve gone home.”

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