Fantastic Sams Franchise Excels in Rural and Urban Settings

By providing a single location for a variety of services and products, Fantastic Sams appeals to clientele in multiple market segments

Metro and suburban areas have plenty of hair salons, from high-end to cut-only value stores. Rural areas also have lots of options for residents, and the Fantastic Sams salon franchise model succeeds in both.

“We pride ourselves on being a welcoming business for anyone who comes through the doors,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “That can be a time-crunched businesswoman in an upscale suburb or a mom with three kids in a smaller city. They both know that they can get all the services they need, the products they love and a great customer experience at Fantastic Sams.”


The newly redesigned Fantastic Sams salon franchise concept appeals to customers in every size market.

Trend-right services succeed in metro areas

In cities and large suburbs, the salon business is very competitive. There are multiple high-end spas, as well as mid-range and value outlets. The Fantastic Sams salon franchise owners in these areas report that they succeed in growing a client base because they offer a winning combination of great value and all the services that consumers want.

“A spa visit is a luxury that a busy woman or man can’t indulge on a lunch hour,” Linda says. “They want a great cut. They want to touch up color or try a new shade. They want to pick up some styling gel. Nobody else but Fantastic Sams lets them do all that in one place — and do it at the best price they’re going to find in town. It really does set us apart, and owners say it’s why so many first-time customers in a new salon become loyal customers after a single visit.”

Community engagement wins over rural clients

In a smaller-town setting, things are not much more relaxed. Here there may be more stay-at-home parents who are coming in with their small children or swinging by after school to get everyone’s hair taken care of. Here, too, the Fantastic Sams salon franchise concept wins out.

Fantastic Sams Excels

“Smaller communities are also highly competitive, because people know each other and they know the business owners,” Linda says. “That’s why in addition to offering multiple services and products in one place, our owners also work very hard to get out in the community. They and their stylists donate products and services to charitable activities and really make sure they are plugged in. That makes a huge difference.”

What it all boils down to is this: Fantastic Sams is a great business because it’s not a one-size-fits-all concept. Rather, a Fantastic Sams salon franchise fits the community it serves by offering a wide variety of products and services in a warm, engaging manner.

“People love to come to our salons, because they know what they’re going to get, and they love the stylists and staff,” Linda says. “Our stylists and owners are the original ‘people people.’ They love what they do, and that builds a loyal following no matter where you are.”

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