Fantastic Sams Franchisee Advisory Committee Shapes Brand

Hair salon franchise owners help guide our brand’s direction and growth

Franchise companies provide a unique opportunity to buy into a successful, proven business, but often times these benefits come at the cost of autonomy and input. At Fantastic Sams, we strive to embrace the input of our hair salon franchise owners, without whom our success would not be possible.

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Since 1976, Fantastic Sams has been a leader in the value salon space, with nearly 1,100 franchise locations in communities across the United States. Unlike discount haircut and budget salons, Fantastic Sams offers a full range of salon services, including haircuts and trend-right styles, color services and waxing, which helps generate higher ticket totals and profit margins. With initial investments beginning at just $150,362, Fantastic Sams is a remarkably affordable way to enter the $75 billion hair care industry.

Even now, during one of our most innovative and expansive redesigns and during a period of unprecedented growth, we not only welcome the input of our owners, we seek it out through our Franchisee Advisory Board. Staffed with volunteer owners from all walks of life and across the country, this group of franchisees is raising the standard for guidance and input, and they’re shaping the future of of our iconic brand.

New voices encourage fresh ideas

Fantastic Sams franchise hair salon franchisee Sam Murray

Fantastic Sams franchise hair salon franchisee Sam Murray

Sam Murray is a military veteran who chose Fantastic Sams for his post-service career after looking at more than 15 other franchise opportunities. He recently opened his first salon in North Carolina, and that salon just so happened to be the first of our New Image Salons built and opened.

With just a brief time in the Fantastic Sams organization, Sam was asked to serve on the Franchise Advisory Committee, bringing to our organization the fresh perspectives of a new franchise owner as well as the strong leadership skills he honed serving his country.

“One of the rules on the advisory board is that one member with less than 2 years must be on the board,” Sam says. “I help bring the perspective of someone new to the company and how the company is helping new owners and new franchisees. There is a ton of experience on the board, and they have ideas about what works and doesn’t work. I’m the newest one on the board, so I help bring those ideas about how the company’s growth and change helps new owners.”

Even though he’s relatively new with the company, with just over a year of experience as a Fantastic Sams franchisee, Sam still feels his voice and input are valued both by his franchise owner colleagues on the board and in the company itself.

Owner feedback is a valuable part of what we do

Chris Nagel owns a Fantastic Sams location in Maple Grove, Minnesota. A veteran franchise owner with several years of experience under his belt, Chris is a valued member of our Franchisee Advisory Committee.

“This really is an opportunity for us to give feedback at an owner’s level,” Chris says.  “They’re receptive to our ideas and embrace our suggestions.”

The Franchisee Advisory Board is just one way our company connects with franchise owners. Through outreach and education programs, we encourage franchise growth, and through our education and training programs, we make sure that our franchisees have the tools necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

From our New Image Salon to the dozens of ways franchise owners benefit from our growth and innovation, there’s never been a better time to join Fantastic Sams.

Learn more about the Fantastic Sams hair franchise opportunity

Opening a full-service, no-appointment Fantastic Sams is a remarkably affordable way to enter the $75 billion hair care industry. With an initial investment beginning at just $150,362, and with 3-, 5-, and 10-pack agreements available, you can join current franchisees in this potentially lucrative growth industry.

For in-depth details about the Fantastic Sams franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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