Why Fantastic Sams Hair Salon Franchise is Around for the Long Haul

We’ve been helping hair salon franchise owners succeed for 40 years

Thanks to a better business model and a winning franchising strategy, Fantastic Sams Hair Salon franchise is here to stay.

Thanks to a better business model and a winning franchising strategy, Fantastic Sams Hair Salon franchise is here to stay.

For four decades, Fantastic Sams Hair Salon franchise has offered a full menu of salon services to the whole family. We were the first unisex full-service hair salon franchise on the scene, and we’re continuing to grow.

While other hair salons have been around for a long time, not all of them continue to grow and evolve as we have. A company that won’t acknowledge change in the marketplace will become stagnant, and its franchisees will be left behind. A flexible brand like Fantastic Sams is open to change, growth and adapting to market conditions and changing industry standards. That’s why we’re not only a legacy brand, we’re a leader in our segment.

A company that continues to thrive and evolve after such a lengthy time in business has an edge over the competition. Most of the hair salon franchises in our pricing category are haircut-only models, and some target a specific segment of the market, such as men or children. With Fantastic Sams, franchisees can draw on a much broader customer base because we offer services for everyone.

As a potential investor, you want to know the brand you invest your hard-earned money in is worthy. Fantastic Sams is a worthy brand because we provide a needed service at a price that’s affordable to almost everyone. We offer a full array of haircuts, color and facial waxing. Our walk-in, no-appointment business model provides a convenience to the customer that inspires loyalty and repeat business, driving up revenues for our franchisees. And we also feature a full line of exclusive, professional-quality hair care products that lets customers maintain their look between visits, helps increase sales for franchise owners and lets stylists earn extra money on commission.

Earl Wise, whose Brighton, Michigan, location is our top-grossing salon in the company, was sold on the investment when he realized how superior the Fantastic Sams business model is compared with other salons in the segment.

“It started coming together when I started comparing Fantastic Sams to other hair salons,” Earl says. “The problem with Great Clips is that they are a low-budget haircut salon — all they do is haircuts. You have to do a lot of haircuts to make money. Fantastic Sams is full-service. We do it all. Great Clips wants a cut done in about 15 minutes. To me, that’s not about customer service. Customer service is spending quality time with your client and doing exactly what they ask for, whether it takes you 15 minutes or 30 minutes. I always tell my stylists: ‘I don’t care about production per hour. Quality and good value are what’s important. You can spend 30 or 40 minutes on a guy’s cut, and that doesn’t bother me. I just want them to be happy.’ ”

Salons are a booming industry

Why consider a hair salon franchise? Because the salon industry is a $75 billion industry and growing. Color services are huge, driving the 8% growth in the industry annually. At Fantastic Sams, color is an important part of our revenue models. Most salons in the affordable pricing segment don’t offer color at all, but color services comprise about 10%-15% of overall sales at our franchises.

Our female customers, in particular, love the convenience. A woman can drop off her husband and kids, go to yoga and circle back to pick up a very stylish-looking family. The low prices mean she’ll keep bringing the family back, and she knows she can come in on her own time and get her hair cut, colored and styled without having to wait weeks for an appointment that suits a stylist’s schedule rather than her own.

That kind of convenience, coupled with our pricing levels and the experience and skill of our stylists, inspires customer loyalty and helps franchisees’ businesses grow through word-of-mouth. Those factors have a lot to do with our 79% customer retention rate.

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Fantastic Sams is the oldest full-service unisex hair salon franchise in the nation, and we have grown to more than 1,100 units over the past 40 years. We think our winning franchising strategies will see us through another 40 years.

You don’t need any salon experience to open your own Fantastic Sams salon franchise; you just have to be passionate about people and have good business sense. We’re seeking franchise candidates with a minimum liquidity of $60,000 and a net worth of at least $200,000. You can open your own Fantastic Sams salon for about $185,000. For investors interested in scaling up right away, we offer financial incentives. To start a conversation about this franchise opportunity, please fill out the form at right or call us at 855-371-3465. We look forward to hearing from you!

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