Fantastic Sams Industry-Best Stylist Training Program Retains Top Talent

Hiring and retaining high-quality stylists isn’t a problem for Fantastic Sams salon franchises, thanks to a great training program

Talented, reliable employees are the cornerstone of any successful business enterprise, and the salon industry is no different. That’s why every Fantastic Sams salon franchise benefits from a stylist training program that helps keep skilled employees happy and at the top of their game.

Fantastic Sams Franchise Salon

“The beauty industry is competitive, and good stylists are getting offers all the time,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “When they leave a salon, they often take their customers with them. It’s a fact of life in salon ownership, but it doesn’t have to be if stylists are treated well in terms of training and incentives. That’s why we created our stylist training program. It works with owners and employees in new and existing salons, to teach them the Fantastic Sams system, so that everyone can maximize his or her potential, and the team is a well-performing staff right away.”

Keeping up with trends is key

Because every Fantastic Sams salon franchise client wants a trend-right cut, and often color to go with it, stylists need to be pros with coloring techniques. They are, thanks to the work of regional directors and educators who work with the stylist team before a salon’s opening to show them the specifics of the TIGI coloring products used at every Fantastic Sams salon franchise.

“We know how busy people are in our salons, so our educators develop a training agenda that is efficient and concise, with a well-thought-out syllabus for each class,” Linda says. “It’s especially helpful for a new salon, when they really want to open their doors and start working with customers. The training program ties in nicely with some other Fantastic Sams salon franchise differentiators, such as our Artistic Styling Awards competition, to make sure that stylists always have goals to pursue. They are very talented people, and we encourage them to be creative and on the cutting edge.”


Learning to upsell services naturally

The training program also ensures that stylists know how to promote the Fantastic Sams line of branded products. “Would you like to take some home?” is a key phrase at every salon, usually after a customer has remarked about how much he or she likes the shampoo or conditioner that’s being used during the visit.

“Every stylist’s main job is to provide a great cut and color,” Linda says. “And by showing the guests the value of our products, and how to easily market and sell them to clients, we raise the ticket total in a very simple, organic way. The stylists know what high-quality products these are because they use them every day, and they like the way that they can make recommendations to clients. It helps build client loyalty, which is the gold standard for every stylist.”

Fantastic Sams invented the no-appointment-needed concept and was the first national hair-salon franchise. It has grown to nearly 1,100 locations in more than 40 years. Unlike discount franchises, Fantastic Sams offers a full range of salon services, including a full-service color bar, facial waxing and a full line of branded shampoos, conditioners and styling products — all of which generate higher tickets and margins. A recent logo refresh, store redesign and consumer website upgrades illustrate how Fantastic Sams continues to be an industry leader.


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