Salon Industry Overview: Why It Pays to be More Than a Haircut Franchise
Experts see a promising future for salon and haircut franchises

The beauty industry is a $75 billion business. The services Fantastic Sams provides cannot be replaced by technology, streamed through the internet or outsourced to another country. That’s one of many great reasons to invest in our haircut franchise.

“Our salons are all very stable,” says Marilyn Tokatly, a franchisee with six salons in California. “We have an excellent staff that pretty much runs the show. Fantastic Sams has excellent training. I took all my managers through the management certification program, so they know everything they need to do to run a successful Fantastic Sams, and they do it. I still do a lot of work, but they handle the daily operations.”

How Fantastic Sams bests haircut-only franchises

In the stable and growing salon industry, we’ve proven our staying power in the past four decades. Now, with our updated New Image salon design, we’ve evolved far beyond the familiar brand you might remember from your youth. Today, we are a franchise over 900 locations strong, and we’re growing quickly.

“This is a category that will never go away,” says Robin Kielty Yanucci, Field Marketing Director. “It will always take one-on-one personal skill.

It can’t be automated, and it can’t be outsourced.”

In an industry that will always be in demand, Fantastic Sams stands out. We were the first franchise of our kind in the full-service salon space, and we’re still going strong after four decades in the business. Now, with our more modern salon aesthetic and full menu of services, we’re redefining the value space, attracting scores of new customers and building an entire new generation of Fantastic Sams clientele.

Albuquerque salon
How our New Image Salon helps boost bottom line

Our sleek Color Bar is the centerpiece of the redesigned New Image salon. Clients come into the salon for a cut, and they can immediately see that we focus on color, too. That usually prompts a conversation with the stylist about all the services available and what might work best for the client. They’ll also talk about our lines of shampoos, conditioners, styling clays and sprays and other products designed to boost revenues and help clients keep their style fresh between visits.

Everything is designed to feel like a high-end salon, without the high prices but with the attention to detail and innovation clients truly appreciate. That’s something haircut-only franchises don’t offer, and that gives us an edge in the marketplace.

“Other franchises are just cutting salons,’” says John Prichard, a Fantastic Sams franchisee with 27 salons in Minneapolis. “They have a few extra services, but those services are pretty minor in terms of what they provide. The guest service and training and development model that we have allows new owners to step into a full-service hair salon environment and be well supported and stronger than what I’ve seen from competitors.”

To learn more about opening your own salon with Fantastic Sams, which opens up revenue possibilities beyond a mere haircut franchise, you can start a conversation with one of our franchise development representatives by filling out the no-obligation form on this page. You can also explore more about our company on our research pages.

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