Expanded Client Base Makes Us One of the Most Successful Hair Salons
No other salon franchise offers the same experience and services at such an affordable price point

Based on our decades of experience, we’ve created the perfect business model to meet the needs of every man, woman and child who steps through our doors. Most successful hair salons cater to a specific demographic, but we’ve focused on building a framework that will allow the maximum revenue potential for franchisees. Our client care, range of services, affordability and attention to detail give us a unique niche in the marketplace.

One-stop convenience helps us stand out among best hair salon franchises

We try to make sure Fantastic Sams is a little different, not only because we’re a one-stop shop but because of the level of service we offer. In a perfect world, every client would leave with a cut, color, blow-dry and a product.

Our New Image salon design puts all our services and products on display so that they’re evident from the moment clients arrive. The sleek, modern interiors showcase our salon service areas, while the Color Bar and product display cases invite clients to browse our products while they consider the services they’re seeking. No other salon in the value space offers the scope of services, quality of care and affordable price that Fantastic Sams does.

For women

When a woman gets her hair done in a salon, she expects certain niceties — a scalp massage while she’s being shampooed, a cup of coffee, a bottled water. She also expects an end result that looks so good she makes sure to go somewhere immediately afterward to show off her style (and maybe get a compliment or two).

She’ll find all that at Fantastic Sams.

For men

Our salons also meet the expectations men have when they get their hair cut. The average male client wants to walk in with no appointment and get his hair cut and styled right away. He wants someone to recommend the right products so he can maintain the same good look until his next cut.

This is a client who’s very likely to walk out with one of our styling products in hand.

getting haircut
For kids

When mothers and fathers bring their kids to Fantastic Sams, they’re expecting prompt attention. After all, kids aren’t known for sitting still for long periods of time. At Fantastic Sams, clients know they can count on a trained stylist to quickly give their children haircuts and trims.

Royalty structure means franchisees keep more as they sell more

For franchisees, Fantastic Sams offers a low entry point, with a typical initial investment of around $185,000. That also means they have a chance to start out as an entrepreneur with one salon that they can scale quickly, or take advantage of financial incentives to open up multiple salons right away.


One of the perks of owning a Fantastic Sams franchise is our fixed royalty fees. As sales increase, royalties do not — so increasing the top-line sales improves the bottom line more quickly than other franchise concepts. Franchisees keep more of what they earn.

“I like the fact that Fantastic Sams has a flat royalty fee and not a percentage-based fee,” says LaRonda Hunter of Ft. Worth, TX, who owns four salons. “All the other franchises I researched were based on percentage. I started out with the goal of being successful, so I wanted there to be a point where I could start making more money and not have to give a percentage of everything to the franchisor. That was a big factor for me. It’s proven to be advantageous. I’m not a wealthy person, but I had enough money up front for the franchise fee and down payment on a loan. I had good credit. I think it’s important to know you don’t have to be rich to start a Fantastic Sams.”

If you’re interested in learning about the franchise opportunity with one of the most successful hair salons in the nation, we invite you to explore our research pages. You can get in touch with one of our franchise development representatives by filling out the short form on this page.

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