Who Makes a Good Franchisee?
Fantastic Sams wants owners with great business sense, not salon experience

We want to clear up a misconception about the salon franchise industry right away: You do NOT have to have any experience as a stylist or working in a salon to be a successful franchisee. You just need a head for business.

You have the flexibility to fit your business needs. It’s what we call a “manage the manager” business. In addition to your General Manager, who will handle day-to-day management of the stylist staff, you will work closely with Fantastic Sams stylist educators, who train every new stylist and keep our franchise staffs nationwide up-to-date and practiced in delivering the latest cutting and coloring techniques and styles.

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Advice from Fantastic Sams franchisees

“I tell my salon managers that one of the reasons we’ve been so successful is that we have a balance,” says Fort Worth, Texas, franchisee LaRonda Hunter, a former American Airlines accountant. “My stylists come at the business from a technical side, and I come at it from a customer’s side and from having a background in accounting. I feel like I know the level of customer service people want in salons because I’ve been a customer. Between us we’ve got it all covered.”

Multi-unit franchisee Marilyn Tokatly, who has seven Fantastic Sams salons in California, also owns a flooring business and a glass company. Marilyn finds that her background as a recruiter helps her tremendously.

“To become successful in this business, everything is about the quality of the hairstylists. It’s an individual service, and everybody does things a little differently,” she says. “To have a strong business, you have to have stylists who are skilled and provide great customer service. As a recruiter, ideally you find people who have that skill level, but you often have to take people with the right attitude and desire and then help them develop the right skills.”

That’s why Fantastic Sams provides every franchisee with a Franchise Business Consultant (FBC), who will help guide franchise owners and their staff to success. The FBC will be a partner in helping you grow your business within the market. The educator will help you train your stylists.

Once everyone is on board with the Fantastic Sams techniques and processes, it’s simply a matter of each franchisee making sure to promote the business within the community and helping to create an appealing atmosphere that will bring customers back time and again. From training and business support to state-of-the-art products and the New Image Salon, we help our franchisees make the most of the power of our 40-year-old brand name to foster customer loyalty and drive revenues.

“Women who color their hair are more likely to change their doctor than change their hairdresser,” notes Maria Boden, Director of Products and Merchandising.

A hair franchise system that works

LaRonda sees the ideal franchisee as someone who is a confident decision-maker who is willing to rely on the support offered by the franchise. Franchisee Rick Tonet, a former steel company manager, thinks the biggest assets are common sense and a willingness to be hands-on.

“With Fantastic Sams, you don’t have to have an MBA,” says Rick, who owns four salons in the Pittsburgh area. “You just have to have good common sense. You cannot be an absentee owner. You have to have yourself or someone else in there routinely to make sure everything is going well.”

Fantastic Sams has built a modern salon experience around a business infrastructure that caters to entrepreneurs. We have proven systems in place that we have honed and updated over the years.

“Fantastic Sams has excellent training,” Marilyn says. “I took all my managers through the management certification program, so they know everything they need to do to run a successful Fantastic Sams, and they do it. I still do a lot of work, but they handle the daily operations.”

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