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Why franchisees love our training program

We’ve had 40 years to perfect our systems and cement our reputation as an excellent salon franchise

One stylist applies color to a client’s hair while another stylist cuts another client’s hair.
Keeping up with the latest in cuts and colors is essential to staying relevant as a brand.

If you want to open a hair salon, you’d better understand one thing: Being on top of your game 40 years in is just as important as being on top of your game in your first year of business. For the past 40 years, Fantastic Sams has maintained a stellar reputation and healthy profits by making sure our brand has been consistently reliable for the latest in cuts, color and facial waxing.

As a full-service salon that caters to every member of the family, we have to be able to provide both classic styles and whatever’s on trend. With over a thousand units nationwide, we take a hands-on approach to training stylists and keeping them up-to-date. Our franchise brand’s continued long-term stability and profitability relies on our ability to consistently deliver.

We dedicate resources to stylist education

We dedicate resources to a stylist educator who oversees training for everyone. We have a specific client protocol that covers everything from greeting someone as they walk through the door to putting the finishing touches on the services they came in for. In addition, our educators travel the country and hold training seminars a few times a year to keep stylists current on cuts, color and more.

Brand consistency is everything in franchising, and it’s a key part of our promise to deliver to our franchisees a reliable roadmap to entrepreneurial success. It also makes our franchise more attractive to scale up, because franchisees know they can rely on a foolproof system that has kept our brand at the top of the salon franchise world for four decades and counting.

A red and white graphic reads, “70% of Fantastic Sams salons are operated by multi-unit owners | Most started out with a single salon”

Why clients keep coming back

To shape a consistent experience across almost 1,100 Fantastic Sams locations nationwide, we do exactly what the best franchisors should: We provide the framework for franchisees to succeed. We set a high bar for brand standards, then provide the resources to help every franchisee achieve those standards.

Want to open a salon franchise?

Fantastic Sams has been the salon of choice in the U.S. for more than 40 years because we provide an array of services for everyone at affordable prices. We were the first nationally franchised unisex salon, and we’ve been growing strong since 1976. To find out more about our salon franchise opportunity and talk to one of our franchise development representatives, please fill out the form on this page.