How Does the Fantastic Sams Salon Franchise Compete?

No other salon franchise offers the same services at the same price

The Fantastic Sams salon franchise is the perfect alternative to cut-only chains, which move customers through their stores quickly to squeeze out profits, and to high-end salons, which many families feel they can’t afford.

You don’t need any salon experience to open your own Fantastic Sams salon franchise. You just have to be passionate about people and have good business sense.

You don’t need any salon experience to open your own Fantastic Sams salon franchise. You just have to be passionate about people and have good business sense.

More than four decades ago, barber Sam Ross, the founder of Fantastic Sams, took the successful formula of barber shops that offered hassle-free, friendly and no-appointment haircuts for men and opened the first “unisex” walk-in salon for the entire family. The move to convenience, affordability and familiarity changed the landscape of salons across the country.

In 2015 Fantastic Sams is stronger than ever. We’re in the midst of a dramatic resurgence we call “Brand Evolution,” and it’s taking our decades of brand strength to exciting new places. We’re attracting entrepreneurs from all over the country to our proven franchise concept.

Here are three ways the Fantastic Sams salon franchise competes.

1. Customer care and premium service at an affordable price

Our customers know they can come to Fantastic Sams for a full range of affordable salon services, including advanced hair color, the latest and greatest cuts, and facial waxing — an extra convenience our customers truly appreciate. That gives us an edge over discount hair-cutting chains in the marketplace. We serve more women than men, and our average ticket price is much higher, which makes for larger profit margins for the same level of franchisee investment.

For what some people spend on a dinner — $15, $16, $17 — Fantastic Sams customers can get a fantastic haircut, and the experience can last months, not moments. We provide a service that gives people great value for their money, which helps ensure that they keep coming back — repeat customers are bread and butter for the Fantastic Sams hair salon franchise. And when they come back, we know who they are and what kind of haircut they’re likely to want.

2. We’re full-service in the age of the ‘chop shop’

fantastic sams franchise

The Fantastic Sams salon franchise is a great alternative to costly, high-end salons. We set up shop in neighborhood shopping centers near where people live, and we keep convenient hours and accept walk-ins.

Other haircutting franchises rely heavily on the cut-only model, and many are marketed primarily to kids or men. What’s unique about Fantastic Sams is that we cater to everyone — from young professionals looking to affordably maintain a stylish appearance, to teenagers who need a great updo for prom, to whole families who may have to get four or five heads of hair cut every six weeks or so. Fantastic Sams is the right option for all of them.

We offer a wide range of services, while our competitors — “chop shops” such as Supercuts — are one-trick ponies. They encourage their stylists to get a cut done in 15 minutes or less. That’s effective for men’s cuts, perhaps, but not for finessing women’s hair, which comes in all shapes, thicknesses and levels of manageability. At Fantastic Sams we offer a shampoo, cut, color, style and waxing in one place — and for a very competitive price.

3. We have a low entry cost

The Fantastic Sams salon franchise requires a typical initial investment of $136,100 – $246,100 and a franchisee net worth of $250,000 – $300,000. This is much lower than many, many franchises. We give our partners an unparalleled system of support and training, as well as perks like a fixed royalty fee of $340-$400 per week. As sales increase, royalties do not — so increasing the top-line sales improves the franchisee’s bottom line more quickly than do other franchise concepts. Potential franchisees are very drawn to the fact that Fantastic Sams has a flat royalty fee and not a percentage-based fee.

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