Who Are My Clients and How Do I Get Them?

Fantastic Sams works with franchisees to market to the whole family

A red graphic with white lettering at the top is titled, "Fantastic Sams Customer Mix." A pie chart is broken into unequal thirds, the largest on the left showing a silhouette of a women with the words, "55% Women," followed clockwise by a small male silhouette with a breakout box containing the words, "10% children," then a slightly larger wedge with a male silhouette and a breakout box with the words, "35% men."

Imagine being able to walk into a great salon on a whim and get your hair cut, your color done and your eyebrows waxed, all for an affordable price. Or rounding up your whole family and dropping off your kids and spouse at the salon for haircuts while you do the grocery shopping.

This is the Fantastic Sams convenience that clients love. Our simple but effective business model and our marketing expertise help you build your client base quickly.

Three empty shampoo chairs lined against a wall.

Fantastic Sams attracts a clientele that appreciates value but wants the full salon experience.

How we’re positioned in the industry

The hair and beauty business is segmented into three price-based categories: luxury, upscale and affordable. Fantastic Sams falls into the affordable salon category, offering a great value for the money clients pay. Because we are a full-service salon franchise, we have the edge over many of the cut-only shops that usually fall into this category. With our modern New Image salon design, they get the services they’re looking for in an environment that’s more like upscale brands in large cities.

Our core demographic is families, and our go-to locations are places where families go to do errands. We make it convenient for clients to stop by while they’re busy doing other things.

Consider a family of four with an income of $80,000 or more, mostly college-educated, living in new suburbia. A young couple with no children. Single Millennials looking for a way to be on-trend without paying a fortune. Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers who are old enough to get gray hair but young enough to want to keep it at bay. These are our people.

Marketing affordable salon services

At a certain point in a woman’s life, or a man’s, for that matter, she’s fed up with paying triple-digit prices every five weeks to maintain her color and conceal those gray roots. But she feels she’s worth more than the one-dimensional shade she’ll end up with from the $8 box of drugstore color. Fantastic Sams is perfect for her.

A red graphic with white lettering reads, "$50,000 Amount the average woman spends on haircare over her lifetime. Source: stylist.com." Images intersperse a dotted circle around the words, from top right clockwise: a pair of scissors, a clock, a woman's silhouette, a blow dryer, another pair of scissors, a different clock and a little box with 4 women's silhouettes.

Of course, it’s not unusual for her to send in a scout: her husband. We often get the male clients first, followed by the kids — and then the mom, once she sees what a great job we do. There are haircut-only shops that cater to just men and those that cater to just kids, but Fantastic Sams is a salon that works for everyone. We make an effort to welcome all guests, offer them tea or coffee and make sure their experience is as pleasant as it is efficient. That’s an important part of building brand loyalty, and once someone feels loyal to a salon, it takes a lot to get them to go elsewhere.

We also offer coupons on a regular basis to make our prices even more appealing, particularly to first-timers who might have been hesitant about giving us a try. Our managers and franchisees are very responsive to our clients, because without client satisfaction we wouldn’t stay in business long. We train every Fantastic Sams staffer on how to treat our clients. Our winning formula has been effective so far — and remember, we’ve been around for over 40 years.

Marketing your hair salon: how we build our client base

It’s important for potential clients to know that Fantastic Sams offers a full menu of services, and that color is our specialty. To that end, our corporate marketing team helps franchisees promote color events, particularly in those dips between big salon seasons like back-to-school and the holidays.

A red, white and black graphic reads, "40% of women visit a salon 8 times a year. Source:

We promote the grand opening for every new Fantastic Sams and assist with mass mailings. We let clients know they can walk in anytime, but they can also sign up for a service reminder on our website. Some of our salons even have one-hour call-ahead service. In some markets, we rely more on grassroots marketing. Others demand TV and radio presence.

“You’re going to have a marketing plan that we’ll help you create,” says Ruth Swanson, Vice President of Marketing. “We have materials with printed templates, and we’ll work with you to get a mass mailing out to about 5,000 homes, depending on the market. We’ll help you determine how much to spend on marketing for your grand opening and come up with a great promotional grand-opening plan.”

We’ll help you with a soft launch and guide you through the steps it takes to draw in clients and keep them happy. In the salon industry, loyalty is especially prized. “Once you get a client in three times, they usually stay for years,” Swanson says.

Our sleek new salon design, refreshed logo, and updated brand imaging all combine to form an inviting salon experience that we back up with the kind of salon experience clients want with a great value. This is why generations of new, loyal Fantastic Sams clients are turning to our brand every day and why now is the greatest time ever to become a Fantastic Sams owner.

We provide the marketing expertise you need to attract new clients. Our 1,100-unit franchise is expanding nationwide. If you’d like to learn more, please explore our research pages. You can also fill out the form on this page to download our franchise report.

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