More Services Mean Larger Market Share for Fantastic Sams Salon Franchises

A cut is just the start with Fantastic Sams, where color and other services, along with branded products, bring in more business

Many consumers want the speed and convenience offered by a Fantastic Sams salon franchise. Others want a bit more than a cut and are in the market for new or touch-up color services, or perhaps an eyebrow waxing. With Fantastic Sams, they don’t have to choose.

Color services have always been available at Fantastic Sams, but many consumers weren’t aware of that fact. As part of a brand makeover that includes a new salon floor plan, a logo redesign and a revamped consumer website that allows for online appointment booking and more, color and other offerings have been brought literally front and center.


The color bar is front and center in a newly redesigned Fantastic Sams salon franchise floor plan.

Visible color bar allows for upselling

“One of our goals in refreshing the look and feel of our salons was to make sure consumers knew that there was more to be had at a Fantastic Sams salon franchise than a great, quick haircut,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO. “Color has been a core component of this brand since the beginning, but that service was tucked away in the back. Now we have a color bar that’s out in the center of the salon, so clients can enjoy watching how the colors are blended and applied.”

Often, she adds, a client will decide to add color to their service that day, which helps boost ticket totals and salon revenue.

“It is often the case that someone isn’t necessarily thinking about color when they come in, but once they see the color bar, they decide to get a color treatment,” Linda explains. “Before, they might have come to a Fantastic Sams for a shampoo, cut and blow dry without ever seeing anyone emerge from the color area in the back, so it was a lost opportunity. The new floor plan is designed to maximize customer engagement throughout the visit, and that translates into more color sales and higher ticket prices.”

Additional services, brands add to convenience

Some Fantastic Sams salon franchise locations also offer waxing and other beauty services, which complement cut and color services, allowing stylists to add to their tickets’ bottom lines. And then there’s the line of custom-branded line of products found only at Fantastic Sams.


“Since the very beginning, we have had our own line of shampoos, conditioners and other styling products,” Linda says. “People love them. I can’t say that strongly enough. There are clients who make a special trip into a salon just to pick up these products, so owners benefit from the revenue these sales generate — both as a one-off event, adding to the overall ticket sales, as well as an ongoing revenue stream.”

In addition, every salon also offers high-quality national brands such as Tigi coloring and styling products, giving consumers even more choice.

Fantastic Sams has earned a well-deserved reputation as a great place for a haircut,” Linda says. “But we offer a great deal more. When clients see what’s available, they usually opt for additional services or products. That helps the salon in terms of revenue for those visits, but it also helps bring in more customers, thus growing the salon’s market share, as well.”

Fantastic Sams was the first nationally franchised hair salon and has grown to more than 1,100 locations over 40 years. Unlike discount haircut franchises, Fantastic Sams offers the full range of salon services, including haircuts and trend-right styles, color and waxing, which helps generate higher tickets and margins. Fantastic Sams invented the no-appointment-needed hair salon and continues to be an industry leader.

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