Owners Love the Fantastic Sams Franchise’s Newly Redesigned Floor Plan

Bringing color out of the back and creating a walkable, friendly open space, are just some of the innovative changes to the salon space

Providing trend-right cuts and colors at an affordable price has kept Fantastic Sams at the forefront of the value salon sector for more than 40 years. But change is vital in the competitive salon industry, and that’s why new Fantastic Sams salon franchise locations offer everything that’s made the brand great in an innovative new setting.

“We had several goals with our redesign,” says Linda Chadwick, President and CEO, “First, we wanted to brighten up the overall look and feel of Fantastic Sams. Next up was a new approach to color, which we wanted to make more visible. Our stylists are true artists, and when people can watch what they are doing while mixing colors for a client, they are intrigued and often want that service themselves. Then we wanted to look at how every client moves through the salon, from reception and the waiting area, to the shampoo stations and finally to the stylists’ chairs. Nothing was left off the table, and what we achieved is truly remarkable.”


The color bar is now an integral part of the Fantastic Sams salon franchise layout, rather than tucked away in the back.

North Carolina owner says change is remarkable

“We are by far the most modern-looking salon around here, and we are getting a lot of attention,” says Sam Murray, a U.S. Army veteran who recently opened his Fantastic Sams salon franchise in Mint Hill, North Carolina, just outside Charlotte.

“Our look and space concept just blows everybody else out of the water. People walk in every day, step back and just say, ‘Wow.’ They’re not sure they can afford us because we look so sleek, and then they see our pricing and realize that it’s the whole package: high-end look, full services that include cuts and colors, and a budget-friendly price structure,” Sam says.

Converts are plentiful in Connecticut

In central Connecticut, where Fantastic Sams franchise owner Jay Oboma has opened the first of five planned locations, the new design has met with strong approval.


Brighter walls and lighting, plus an open, airy design, are hallmarks of the Fantastic Sams salon franchise redesign.

“We get to build on the solid reputation Fantastic Sams already has and introduce people to this entirely new design,” Jay says. “It’s open and engaging, and it shows that Fantastic Sams is always looking for ways to refresh its image and to make sure it’s meeting, and exceeding, customer expectations. As a Fantastic Sams salon franchise owner, that’s the kind of message I want to convey.”

All this came in tandem with a new logo rollout, which also highlights the multiple services available at every Fantastic Sams salon franchise. The end result, Linda says, is a top-down reworking of a successful brand to give it a strong refresh going forward.

“We’re absolutely in love with the new logo that’s out in front of a completely redone interior,” she says. “If people think they know Fantastic Sams, they’re going to be truly dazzled when they visit one of these new salons.”

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