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Stylists: Do You Want to Own Your Own Salon?

As an experienced stylist, you already know the business. Now it’s time to apply your knowledge to become your own boss with Fantastic Sams, a great salon franchise for stylists

Diving into the world of small-business ownership is a challenging yet rewarding career path. Often, entrepreneurs consider starting a company from scratch. However, building a brand from the ground up poses several obstacles that are easily avoided through investing in a solid franchise such as Fantastic Sams. With the power of brand recognition and a top-of-the-line corporate support team, Fantastic Sams is the perfect salon franchise for stylists.

because franchisees are able to draw in the top stylists and build an empire in their own backyards.

Benefits of franchise ownership

Investing in a franchise grants you the freedom of small-business ownership with the advantages of a built-in support system and, in the case of Fantastic Sams, a long track record of success. We already have the business model down pat. Some franchisees are hairdressers themselves, driven by the need to be an entrepreneur in creative field. More commonly, Fantastic Sams franchisees are entrepreneurs with no prior salon experience who hired licensed stylists to run their salons.

Fantastic Sams Cut & Color store front with a burgundy awning.

If you’ve been seeking out a top salon franchise for stylists to own, look no further than Fantastic Sams. We’ve been successful for over four decades.

If you’re a business-minded entrepreneur who recognizes that the salon industry is a lucrative investment, franchising can help fill the gaps in your skill set. At Fantastic Sams, many owners rely on a general manager who is typically a licensed cosmetologist for insight into the hair salon industry. It’s the general manager who handles the day-to-day operations regarding the staff and hair stylists. Franchisees also have the added benefit of Fantastic Sams’ regional support staff.

“Fantastic Sams is proactive about making sure we’re at the top of the game and we’re the first choice in hair salons,” says Scott Hansen, who co-owns six salons in Utah with his wife, Selina. Neither had salon experience prior to becoming Fantastic Sams owners, so they appreciate the franchise’s support. “We have training classes for owners, as well as owners’ meetings where you can get valuable information. I had someone spend two days with me to go over what can be improved and help us understand the business data.”

Why Fantastic Sams

Once you’ve decided that owning a salon franchise is the career path for you, it’s time to do your due diligence. Weighing your salon franchise opportunities means comparing the financial statements as well as looking closely at company culture to make sure it meshes with your values. You’ll no doubt find that Fantastic Sams is worthy of your time, as it is an iconic brand that has been in operation for more than 40 years. The genius of Fantastic Sams is that it offers customers the barbershop formula of convenience paired with the versatility of a unisex salon. It’s convenient, affordable and family-friendly.

“Fantastic Sams is not a cookie-cutter place to work,” says Hansen. “It’s not an assembly line where you have to get customers in and out. We give our stylists the opportunity to build relationships with their guests and make them feel like they’re a part of the family.”

With a proven business model that has survived the test of time, Fantastic Sams has franchising down to a science. The user-friendly nature of the franchise frequently leads to successful, long-standing careers. You can have the benefits of small-business ownership without having to do it on your own. With Fantastic Sams, you will have the resources you need to succeed right at your fingertips.

Build your team of stylists with ease

We have a reputation for providing quality service to our customers — and that quality originates with the stylists. At Fantastic Sams, stylists can rest assured that they will be compensated fairly, treated with respect and kept up-to-date on the latest trends and styles with regular training.

“The stylists can make a pretty good wage,” says Rick Tonet, a Pittsburgh franchisee with three salons. “We pay a guaranteed base wage plus commission, which is a percentage of product sales and other categories. The faster they go and the better they are, the more money they can make.”

A woman with long red hair wearing a floral dress and carrying a burgundy purse walks arm-in-arm down a sidewalk with a brown-haired man wearing khaki pants, a blue T-shirt and a tan leather jacket. Both are smiling at each other.

Who understands stylists better than a stylist? That’s why Fantastic Sams franchise is the perfect business opportunity for stylists.

Stylists have the opportunity to upsell their clients with our in-house products and by offering additional services such as color. Each upsell directly benefits the stylist, who earns better commissions. This business mentality draws in the hard-working go-getters in the salon industry. Through proper incentivizing, you’ll ensure your staff is the best of the best. However, it’s not all about the money.

Fantastic Sams believes in holding stylists in high regard. Each stylist has flexibility and freedom, which is not often found with other salon franchises. At Fantastic Sams, stylists do not have to rent a chair, provide their own equipment or use their own products. That professional environment — combined with competitive hourly wages, commissions (where allowed by law) from the sale of additional services and products, and tips from clients — ensures stylists have a lucrative opportunity to make a career out of their time at Fantastic Sams. Finally, corporate training programs that teach advanced styling are available to stylists. Through Fantastic Sams, hairdressers have the potential to further their craft and increase their earning potential.

The foundation of Fantastic Sams is respect. Respect builds loyalty and ultimately leads to happy customers. If you have the best stylists in town, you need to keep them happy, so they will happily serve customers to the best of their ability. Everyone wins!

Make an impact in your community

Fantastic Sams is a well-loved brand that is not afraid to adapt to the changing times. The beauty industry is a $75 billion business. The services found at Fantastic Sams cannot be outsourced or replaced. The internet cannot cut and color hair; it requires an in-person experience. That’s not to say Fantastic Sams hasn’t embraced technology. In fact, the brand just rolled out a new concept and look. The sleek, streamlined, open floor plan invites customers to indulge in a fresh cut and color at the hands of our expert staff. The comprehensive rebranding campaign gives the salon a modern aesthetic that is gender-neutral and reflects Fantastic Sams’ priorities: providing an incredible experience for customers paired with impeccable hygienic standards.

Fantastic Sams was the first franchise of its kind in the full-service unisex salon space, and the brand is here to stay. There is tremendous room for growth, and entrepreneurs have the potential to start an empire right in their own backyards. The brand has incredible momentum, so the time to invest is now.

Learn more about our salon franchise

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