Veteran Opens First Newly Redesigned Fantastic Sams in North Carolina

New salon design is icing on the cake for franchise owner, who already benefited from veteran’s discount packages and solid locations

When Sam Murray settled on a Fantastic Sams salon franchise as his entry into the small-business world, he thought he knew what he was getting. What he didn’t know was that his first salon also would be the first in a newly redesigned floor plan that will be a template for future locations.

“I probably looked at 15 different franchises, everything from school fundraising to restaurants to kids’ bounce-house type things,” says Sam, who opened his first salon in Mint Hill, North Carolina, just outside Charlotte. “You name it, I looked at it. When I learned that Fantastic Sams was available here, I immediately recognized the brand because I grew up going to them. I was an Army brat, and wherever we lived, there was always a Fantastic Sams.”

New design adds to overall value

Sam’s Fantastic Sams salon franchise is in a spot that formerly housed a salon, so he was able to repurpose the space without having to do a lot of replumbing and other behind-the-scenes renovations. Then came the new floor plan, which allows for open movement throughout the entire space, as well as putting the color bar out in the center of the salon rather than in the back.

“We’d saved a lot of time and money early on, and it was amazing to be the first ones to get the new look and logo on top of that,” Sam says. “We are by far the most modern-looking salon around here, and we are getting a lot of attention. There are a lot of independent salons here, but our look and space concept just blow everybody else out of the water. People walk in every day, step back and just say, ‘Wow.’ They’re not sure they can afford us, because we look so sleek, and then they see our pricing and realize that we’re the whole package: high-end look, full services that include cuts and colors, and a budget-friendly price structure.”

Veteran package allows for planned growth

As an army veteran, Sam also took advantage of the Fantastic Sams salon franchise deal for former service members. That’s 25% off a multi-license package, which is three or more licenses. For him, that will mean adding a salon in the Ballantyne area, and then another in nearby Rock Hill, South Carolina.

“The reduced pricing for veterans really sealed the deal for me,” Sam says. “And then the corporate team threw in a lot of free hair care products, so I had a fully stocked inventory on day one. And those products are selling well; my goal for our stylists was for them to sell 10 percent of their tickets in products, and we’re at 26 percent. It’s an easy sell, because our products are so good, and so reasonably priced compared with other brands out there.”


Military veteran Sam Murray has opened his first Fantastic Sams salon franchise location in Mint Hill, North Carolina, and says the redesigned floor plan is both visually pleasing and a strong sales driver.

Since opening in September, Sam has been able to spend time with his family while also growing his Fantastic Sams salon franchise — the two goals he had in mind at the outset.

“At six weeks in, we were at the projections I’d set for 14 weeks,” he says. “People walk in and see the color bar as a main focus, and that drives sales up immediately. People come in for a haircut and wind up getting all kinds of other services. I’m meeting my financial goals and see the ability to continue growing. For anyone looking for a franchise, Fantastic Sams is a home run.”

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