What Services and Products Do We Provide?
Hair salon services and products create multiple revenue streams for franchisees

Many consumers go to two or three different places for hair salon services – one place for a haircut, another for color, a third place for facial waxing. But that’s typically because they can’t get all of these hair salon services under one roof. With Fantastic Sams, our full-service salons offer convenience to customers and multiple streams of revenue to franchisees.

By providing more than just haircuts, Fantastic Sams franchisees have multiple opportunities to upsell, and their stylists are incentivized by the chance to earn commission on product sales and bigger tips for more services. Every Fantastic Sams salon offers a full menu of services, nationally branded hair-care lines and a complete product line developed exclusively for our franchise. Thanks to the Color Bar featured prominently in our New Image redesign, the first service to be added onto a client’s ticket is most often color.

Hair color brings higher margins

Hair salons can be lucrative, especially salons that offer color services. Demand for color services has been growing at more than 8% a year. Fantastic Sams operates in the middle of the target of a high-growth but still mature $75 billion salon industry.

“Color is the No. 1 upsell,” says Michael Kuryllo, a multi-unit franchisee in Southern California. “We have higher margins on color. We’re pushing to get color up to 30% of our sales. If a stylist wants to make more money, they are doing color. The best part for them is that color takes time to set, and while that is happening, you can be doing another haircut and selling more hair-care products.”

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We offer exclusive products

Our goal is for every client to walk out the door with a styling product in hand.

Our products are designed to help customers maintain their styles and recreate that salon-day feeling between visits. Stylists keep a small percentage of each sale as commission, while franchisees benefit from the additional revenue stream.

“When you educate your clients about what you are using on their hair, and you educate them about how they can use a Fantastic Sams product to recreate their hairstyle at home, it allows them to keep their hair looking great between visits. That builds loyalty,” says franchisee Marilyn Tokatly, who runs six salons in California.
“The stylists who sell the most products are also the ones that get the most customer requests for their service.”


We sell national brands TIGI and Bed Head. We also carry a full salon-grade product line manufactured exclusively for us. Our Fantastic Sams-branded product line is top quality, with higher concentrations of superior ingredients compared to retail products that are sometimes watered down or rounded out with unhealthy fillers. In addition, we never use animal testing.

Offering a full menu of hair salon services helps us build up our customer base, shore up brand loyalty and ultimately increase revenues for our franchisees. To start a conversation with one of our franchise development representatives, you can fill out the short form on this page. To learn more, we invite you to explore our research pages.

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