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Why automation won’t take over the hair salon industry

The hair salon industry is inherently resistant to automation, recession and other common threats to your ROI

There have been attempts to automate hair styling, like the vacuum-powered Flowbee. But nothing can quite take the place of an established salon whose experienced stylists are always abreast of the latest styles and color trends. While automation has threatened many an industry, the hair salon industry is uniquely situated to resist threats like automation, outsourcing and even recession.

When people think franchising, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Fast food, probably. Hotels, perhaps. Service businesses like commercial cleaners or landscaping, sometimes. Hair salon franchises probably weren’t at the top of the list when you were first considering a new investment, whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or an experienced franchise operator looking to diversify your portfolio.

But they should be. And Fantastic Sams should be at the top of that list. Let’s look at why the hair salon industry in particular is an excellent place to consider an investment.

A line of applauding people stand in front of a building holding a red ribbon while a man in the middle uses a pair of oversized ceremonial scissors to cut the ribbon.
The odds are stacked in your favor when you buy a franchise in the hair salon industry, which is known for its resilience, stability and growth.

The hair salon industry is stable and growing

The salon industry is valued at $75 billion a year, and it continues to grow at a steady pace. The strength of the industry is built on the one-on-one relationships between stylists and their clients. The personal skills of a stylist are developed over time, can’t be outsourced and can’t be replaced by technology or vending machines. Or Flowbees.

It’s an industry that has proven itself to be resistant to a down economy, because it provides a service that everybody needs. Even in a tough economic climate, people need to look good and maintain their style, perhaps to find a better paying job or score a promotion. Women in particular maintain loyalty to their favorite stylists. While they might have to give up their $5-a-day lattes, they won’t give up their regular hair color appointments. This kind of loyalty keeps the industry growing strong.

A man sits behind a woman on a set of stone tile steps outside a house. Their hair looks good and they are smiling.
The hair salon industry is one of the few that is safe from redundancy via automation. The skills of a good stylist will always be in demand.

Fantastic Sams occupies a strong position in our industry

While many other franchised salons focus on a single gender or haircuts only, Fantastic Sams offers the full salon experience to everyone in the family. Our updated New Image salon design prominently features our Color Bar, which offers franchisees a huge opportunity to upsell and increase their average ticket price.

Fantastic Sams’ educators train every salon’s stylists so that they can remain relevant in a competitive marketplace. Our full menu of hair salon services includes cuts, styling, color and facial waxing, all offered in a convenient location at value prices. That entices guests to try Fantastic Sams and to keep coming back. We also offer a full array of salon-grade products to keep styles looking good between visits, featuring TIGI, Bed Head and our own in-house brand of hair care products. Higher-margin services like color, catering to every client demographic and offering add-ons like hair care products all help our franchise owners improve their bottom line.

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