Why Stylists Love Working for Fantastic Sams

Our beauty franchise offers top-notch education and a chance to upsell products and services

When a customer walks in for a haircut at Fantastic Sams, our stylists find out whether they want to take advantage of a few other services, like color and facial waxing. When the services are complete, the stylist makes recommendations about the products we sell that a customer can use to keep looking great until the next visit. It’s a great convenience for the customer, and it lets stylists essentially give themselves a raise.

“They can make a pretty good wage. We pay a guaranteed base wage plus commission, which is a percentage of product sales and other categories. The faster they go and the better they are, the more money they can make,” says Rick Tonet, a Pittsburgh franchisee with four salons. “Stylists have an opportunity to upsell. If a person comes in for a cut and you sell them a perm or a color, you just put $20 in your pocket. If they can follow up the perm and color with some supporting shampoo and conditioner, you have put another $5 in your pocket. Some of these stylists, it’s impressive what they can earn.”

John Prichard of Minneapolis, who owns 27 Fantastic Sams salons, sees the same thing happening over and over again. The stylists love it, and it also boosts the bottom line for the franchisee.

“Yes, we can deliver an inexpensive haircut, and we can also deliver the private salon experience,” John says. “When customers find a stylist who is extremely skilled and can offer suggestions and services, they love it!”

Our franchisees tend to be businesspeople who don’t have salon experience themselves, so they rely on a General Manager who may also be a licensed cosmetologist. The GM usually hires the stylists, although Fantastic Sams’ regional support staff offers assistance in that area.


“They are creative, sensitive people. They’re not always motivated by money, but the ones who are? They’re a godsend,” says Michael Kuryllo, a franchisee with six Southern California locations. “They can make a lot more money an hour by upselling services and products that help the customers look better and keep their styles looking great longer. When somebody says, ‘Hey, I want a raise,’ I pull out a chart and show them what they need to do to earn more.”

That’s a lot of freedom and flexibility for a salon stylist. In addition, they don’t have to deal with the hassle of renting a chair and providing their own equipment and products. By the time they factor in their hourly wage, commission from the sales of extra services and products, and tips from customers, stylists are looking at an exciting opportunity to earn more money at Fantastic Sams. But perhaps the best benefit for hair stylists is a perk we offer that will help them throughout their careers.

The best stylist education

Every region across the country has its own stylist educator. These experienced cosmetologists train the staff at every Fantastic Sams three times a year on the latest techniques in haircuts, styling, product use, chemical treatments and more.


While our franchisees are focusing on the business metrics of running a salon franchise, Fantastic Sams educators are attending to the artistic side of the business. They help interview new stylists to ensure that their technical skills are where they need to be. They make sure existing stylists are properly educated about the latest in hair care, so Fantastic Sams can maintain our reputation as a trend-right salon. Think classes on highlights and lowlights, applying fashion colors like fuchsia or blue streaks, technical haircutting skills and following the Fantastic Sams customer etiquette protocol. We consider it an important part of our stylists’ education to understand exactly how to treat a customer.

When stylists can combine all of the technical education with their new customer-service skills provided by Fantastic Sams, their earning capacity shoots up. Consider this anecdote from franchisee John Prichard:

“We had kind of a crazy story happen recently,” John says. “A stylist in one of our salons did an exceptional job providing a family with hairstyle services — cutting, curling, coloring and hair-care products. It was a mother and daughter, and they walked out having spent $400. The stylist offered an incredible consultation, but we were worried that she might have pushed too hard. ‘Are we going to get an angry call tomorrow? This is a value-priced salon, after all.’ Well, my wife was at that salon the next day, and the same mom came in with two more of her children and raved about the great experience they had.”

Not every stylist will earn $400 on every job at Fantastic Sams, of course. As John says, we are, after all, an affordable salon. But the opportunity exists, and that makes Fantastic Sams an attractive workplace for experienced and up-and-coming stylists alike.

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