"First off, there's no shortage of customers. The market is there and the business model to access it is really straightforward."

Hair care as a business offers:

  • Near universal need in any market, any economic condition
  • Lite inventory, staff and operations
  • Simple real estate and buildout
  • Can’t be outsourced, replaced by technology or require ‘delivery’
  • Reasonable operating hours
"Simple operation offering essential services to a large customer base. I saw the potential in that formula for a truly scalable opportunity. But that's just the start."

"The Fantastic Sams model meets the hair care needs of male AND female consumers and families. That makes more sense to me than only focusing on one type of customer."

The Fantastic Sams model offers:

  • High style salon services for men, women and children
  • Most major franchise competitors focus mainly on male consumers
  • Simple, accessible format easily fits into busy lives
  • Wide range of services offered at budget friendly prices

Access the vast revenue potential of this large customer base with The Fantastic Sams Franchise model.

"To me, Fantastic Sams is better positioned to meet the needs of the total hair care market than major competitors."

  • Over 900 locations nationwide and growing
  • A Franchise Operating Platform refined over 40 years of continuous operation
  • Full salon services for women, men, children and seniors
  • Part of the Dessange Group – a global leader in salon operations
  • World-class support in all aspects of salon start-up and operation: Real estate, training, marketing, operations, recruiting, business management – among many others.
  • No salon operating experience required.

"In 2018, we were ranked #6 of all operating Fantastic Sams franchises in the nation. We have a lot of momentum and there's great energy around that."

"Regarding support... remember I said I was an Engineer?? That's about as far away from hair salon ownership as you can get. The support was tremendous especially in the beginning."

Fantastic Sams support system offers:

  • Step by step salon opening, management and growth support
  • Highly defined business operating system for every growth stage and every business aspect
  • Operations and Field Team with deep, real-world salon ownership and management experience
  • Large network of successful franchisees from which to network and learn
  • National and regional franchisee events and franchisee steering groups

You just have to decide hair care makes sense as a business for what you're trying to accomplish. Then the Fantastic Sams operating model takes over.

"I had to get past looking at 'what the business does' and look deeper at the mechanics of the business. I then saw what this business can do for me."

Multi-unit Franchisee, Dave Zoz

Discover what you can do by franchising with Fantastic Sams.

Contact us today to see how the Fantastic Sams Franchise Model can work in your market.

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