What makes a Fantastic Sams Salon Franchise unique?
Our full-service salon franchise offers affordability and convenience for the whole family

Fantastic Sams is synonymous with professional, on-trend, affordable service at over 900 locations across the country. We were the first salon franchise that focused on providing beauty services for the whole family, and we’ve been growing strong since 1976. Now, our updated New Image design has infused fresh energy into our iconic brand, helping entrepreneurs across the country introduce a new generation of loyal clients to our salons.

Beauty salon franchise offers services for the whole family

Numerous salon franchises have carved out various specialty niches: haircutting only, kids only, men only, and so on. Each of them are trying to capture a specific market segment. What’s unique about Fantastic Sams is that we offer a full menu of services, and we cater to everyone.

By doing that, we offer our franchise owners many more avenues toward profitability.

Women spend far more on hair care and salon services, and they’re often looking for services beyond haircutting. They want color, facial waxing, blowouts and special events styling. They also crave the convenience of one-stop shopping for the whole household. By opening our salons to everyone and providing a full menu of services, many of our salons boast average tickets that are higher than the averages achieved by haircutting-only chains.

With our full menu of salon services that includes haircuts, color, styling and facial waxing, Fantastic Sams offers franchisees multiple ways to maximize their revenues. We believe it’s a safer, higher-ticket, higher-margin and more stable model than the cut-only models. The salon industry is generally divided over three segments: premium, upscale (meaning high-quality but still accessible) and affordable.


Fantastic Sams offers affordable services, which is where the bulk of the customers are, in a hip, ultra-modern salon environment designed to increase average ticket prices and drive customer traffic.

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We’re an affordable franchise opportunity

The startup capital needed to open a Fantastic Sams franchise is accessible to a lot of investors. We look for franchisees with a minimum net worth of $500,000 and at least $100,000 in liquid capital. Additional financing can be obtained through various financial and lending institutions of your choice.

Unlike a lot of franchise systems, where royalties are based on a percentage of gross sales, Fantastic Sams charges each location a flat fee per week. With flat-fee royalties, your sales increases net you higher profit margins as you grow, because you aren’t paying royalties on an incremental, percentage-of-gross basis.

Our ideal franchisee is an experienced business person who is passionate about their communities and about customer service. They’re seeking an opportunity that’s stable and scalable.

Business and entrepreneurial experience are helpful, but salon experience is not required. As a franchise owner, you’ll be involved whether you’re an owner-operator or a multi-unit investor who hires a manager to help run the businesses. While this is not an absentee-owner model, you won’t have to leave your job to open a Fantastic Sams franchise. The role of the owner is focused heavily on the business’ P&Ls, marketing efforts and effectively managing the manager.

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